Updated: Apr 5, 2020

I know you’re super-excited about planning your wedding or special event. Guess what? You’ll find great ideas and meet potential vendors by attending an event expo in your city. Expos, filled with displays, can bring together your vision for your special day.

Do you know how to make the most out of attending a wedding or special events expo and accomplish what you set out to accomplish? Don’t worry. In today’s post I’m going to tell you. These tips will help you get the most out of an events expo.

Create a list. Before leaving home, write out a list of services that you still need. Make sure you put a number of how many vendors of each you would like to meet before booking on the spot or scheduling a follow-up private consultation. The note might look this like: “2 DJs, 1 cake baker.” If you would like a meeting, take a vendor’s appointment card or business card and make a detailed note on it so you’ll remember who the person is when you receive a follow-up call.

Make labels. You’re excited to enter to win all those great prizes, but writing your contact info at every booth can get tiring. Instead, create labels before you leave home. Using your printer and sheets of sticky mailing label paper, create labels with your name, email address, wedding date and phone number. Then you’ll be all set to peel off labels and stick them onto raffle forms. Speaking of winning, remember this: If you really want a particular prize, take the vendor’s business card and make a little note to yourself about what appeals to you. Then, if the vendor calls to inform you that you won, you’ll know to respond.

Bring a nice tote. Who would like to carry all of those business cards and information forms around all day? I’m pretty sure your soon-to-be hubby doesn’t, and neither do you. Bring a nice tote bag along, one that’s lightweight yet will hold brochures and such. Some expos give out bags, but you never know until you arrive.

Wear comfortable shoes. I know we all like to be stylish, but expos involve a whole lot of walking. Wear stylish flats instead of high heels. Bring a bottle of water as well. It helps to be comfortable and hydrated.

Bring a camera. Expos are filled with great design ideas that you can implement for your wedding, so bring your camera or a phone with a built-in camera. Take shot of displays and objects that wow you.

Remember to have fun and to book the number of vendors you set out seeking. Keep a lookout on this website and blog to learn about expos that will be coming up in the Orlando area.

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